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Friday, January 12, 2018

Chapter 2

The road was steep going uphill. Gedeon exhausted never slowed his pace and had continued his journey bravely fighting off creatures, creatures who were once good. Coming up at the top of the hill he came to a stop, crestfallen he looked down at his surroundings, the once beautiful Fantasia was now darkened by The Nothing.

“Not a beautiful sight is it?” a deep slow groggy voice said. Gedeon turned back, hearing the voice, a tall rocky figure, hidden in the shadows loomed over him. “I’m Rock Biter” said the creature, introducing himself. “You must be the young warrior, all our hopes are resting on”. Gedeon nodded as he listened to the creature.

“I’m Gedeon, and I am afraid I may be too late!” he exclaimed.

“Indeed you are..” Rock Biter replied. “What you see is what is left of Fantasia, every creature that was once good, has now been turned evil. They will destroy every bit of our world until there is nothing. We had hoped that the childlike princess would be able to amass an army that would save us, but she has gone missing. Taken by The Nothing, i’m afraid” Rock Biter looked down sadly.

“I was called here to meet with her, what should I do now?” Gedeon questioned.

Taking a handful of rocks, Rock Biter held them in his hands for a moment, he paused crushing the rocks before eating them, he looked down at the young warrior, deep in thought for a moment he began to speak. “Hmmm we have been through this before if my old memory serves me right. You can’t fight The Nothing alone, you will need an army. It will take the imagination and pure heart of a human child to reverse what The Nothing has destroyed.”

“Where will I find these children?” Gedeon exclaimed.

“A very good question” Rock Biter finished his meal “I do not know, but you must hurry or the childlike princess will certainly meet her demise; and our world will never return to its beauty.”

Gedeon looked down at his feet, now even more puzzled, he has so many questions but he sets them aside, he straightens himself up, determined to continue his trip to the Ivory Tower, he climbs up on Archer and with a quick wave to Rock Biter sets off again.

Rock Biter waves back and watches the young warrior ride off.

To be continued...written by you!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Caretaker Applications are Live!

Caretaker applications for Winter are live. https://richmondsurvivalcampsl.blogspot.com/p/volunteers-2017.html

* Camp dates! January 20, 2018 to January 28, 2018

Chapter 1

EDIT: Edited because a huge chunk had been cut off on the earlier publication. Sorry!


The sun had just risen and the whispers of a cold breeze were all that accompanied the faint sounds of the creatures that hid from the black cloud that had appeared over parts of Fantasia only days ago.

“Faster Archer, faster!” Gedeon cried out as he and his galloping horse raced to reach the Ivory tower in time.  Never since The Nothing had been defeated many years ago had residents of Fantasia been this fearful and shocked to see their beautiful world so dark and eerie.

Reaching for his trusty sword Gedeon dodged the giant hand that tried to grab him as he passed and turned the foggy path. Archer came to a complete stop. Thump - thump - thump were the sounds as the young boy was thrown from his horse several meters forward and rolling in the dirt, his black long wavy hair covered his face as he quickly stood up.

With sword in hand Gedeon looked on straight, his bright blue eyes locked on the shadowy figure which was hard to see through the thick fog.

Gedeon took a deep breath and looked up, his small stature was nothing compared to the tall and muscled troll which stood in front of him.

The young boy warrior swung his sword striking the troll’s arm but the thick armor protected it from harm. “Well if it isn’t the young warrior. Do you really think a child like you can save Fantasia?” The troll mocked as he returned a swing of his own sword. Gedeon quickly ducked and turned as the sword missed.

As the tall troll faced away from him for a second Gedoen saw his opportunity to strike. The boy raised his sword and swung it forward with as much force as he could possibly muster.

The troll screamed in pain as he fell on his side. Gedeon had stricken one of his legs tearing a huge chunk of flesh.

As the troll squirmed and rolled on the ground in pain the boy warrior stood over him, pointing his sword directly at him. “Never will Fantasia surrender to evil” With deep breaths between each word Gedeon then raised his sword one last time and then quickly pushed it right on the troll’s chest.

Gedeon sheathed his sword and adjusted his armor followed by whistling calling his horse.

Gedeon mounted and together with Archer they continued their race to the Ivory Tower where he was to report to the Childlike Empress.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Coming January 2018

Consuming everything it touches, and making everything good disappear, the Nothing returns in the form of a black cloud. Bad monsters are created from all good creatures, bent on destroying all good in Fantasia. Fantasia's only hope rests on human children to fight the Nothing.

This winter, join us on our biggest adventure yet to save Fantasia.

Inworld information group:

Facebook Page:

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer 2017 Dates & FAQ's

It's that time of the year again when we get excited about camp! I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to this year's camp but at the same time I am scared a little. To ensure that everything goes smoothly here are some changes taking effect this year and of course what you all really want to know, the camp dates!

Camp Dates:

This year camp will take place from Saturday August 5th to Sunday August 13th.

Camp Sign Ups:

Early Enrollment (Previous Year's Campers only 30 spots) - Saturday July 1st from 10:00am SLT until midnight. You will need the 2016 camp group tag to enter the location which will be sent only to that group.

Open Enrollment (Only 80 spots):
July 8th @ 10:00am - 11:00am SLT (20 spots only)
July 8th @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm SLT (20 spots only)
July 9th @ 10:00am - 11:00am SLT (20 spots only)
July 9th @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm SLT (20 spots only)

Volunteer Sign Ups:

Volunteer sign ups will be live next week Saturday June 10th.

You can also check and bookmark our calendar

Now to the fun part, changes, info and faq's

Q. How many spots will be available?
A. At this time there are only 130 camper spots only.  This year there will be only 1 sim which allows us to have only 100 avatars so 130 plus volunteers is already cutting close. I will do everything I can to try to get a second sim and open more spots but at this time this is all I can commit to. 

Q. I can't be online for sign ups, can someone else sign me up?
A. Yes, however due to people abusing this last year the biggest change this year is that sign ups will be limited to one per avatar. This means that you can only sign yourself up or sign up a friend but not both. A parent or friend can sign you up but they will also be limited to one person so if you have siblings then they will need another parent or friend to sign them up.

Q. Why the limitation to the number of people we can sign up?
A. We tried to be very lenient in the past to ensure that as many people who want to attend camp can do so. Unfortunately because we are a FREE camp our kindness is sometimes abused and the few who did ruined it for the rest. Basically we had some people sign up multiple "friends" last year, we even had someone sign up 15 people who ended up not even going to camp. As space is very limited, it is very unfair for those who truly want to attend to not be able to acquire a spot because someone signed up a friend who is not even sure they want to go, people then get put on a wait list and end up missing the first day of camp because of those who signed up and didn't even go. I prefer that those who sign up are people who actually and truly want to be there. 

Q. I see this year the theme is Star Wars. I don't know anything about Star Wars so this camp isn't for me?
A. You don't need to be a Star Wars fan or even know a thing about Star Wars. The only story you need to know is the short one on our theme reveal video. Role play your way and make the story your own. As always there will also be other non theme camp things to do, fun events and everything so there will be plenty for you to have fun with.

Q. Will I need to wear Star Wars attire and a lightsaber?
A. No you won't. Although there are some star wars outfits out there for kids and I will see about getting those creators to place a vendor at camp you will not be required to wear any specific type of attire. You will be building your own lightsaber after completing quests and acquiring necessary materials during camp, no outside lightsabers will be allowed.

Q. I have more questions that were not answered, where can I go for more information?
A. Feel free to contact me Landon Edenbaum inworld or George Orellana on facebook. I am always happy to answer any questions. There will be more questions and answers added to this list if there are any.

See you all this summer!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Summer 2017

Coming this summer!

We are happy to announce that Richmond Survival Camp is coming back for its 4th year.  Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Spread the word!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday RSC

Three years ago today, the very first adventurers set foot on a lost island that became known as Dino Island. It was the start of a nine day long adventure that would for many of us become something we would hold dear in our hearts. For a lot of us RSC was a life changing experience forcing us to face and overcome our anxieties and fears. It taught us that by working together people from various walks of life could enjoy each other’s company and have fun. No matter what gender you are, whether you are a creator or noncreator, regardless of difference of beliefs or sexual orientation a large group of people can get along and take care of one another. Many people who felt outcast by various other groups for whatever reasons found in RSC a welcoming family where they could feel at home. This is what RSC is about.

Three years ago we never imagined how much of an impact RSC would have on so many people’s lives. Quite frankly we never imagined we would return a second year let alone a third. When RSC first came to fruition we were ridiculed, told we wouldn’t make it, that we were just reinventing the wheel and that there were already others who were better and thus no need for yet another camp. Many people wrote us off for being free because free things are often thought of as being of little to no quality. I won’t lie and say that it didn’t bother us, at times we really feared that all the time and effort that was being put in by many people would be in vain and no one would come. We managed to persevere though and we stuck to our plans never imagining the remarkable result. We will never regret the hard work.

Today RSC has grown immensely and it has become a community driven experience. We are honored to have so many of you helping us wherever you can, whether it is through donations, advertising, lending us the use of a sim for our shops, setting up and decorating the sims, volunteering as caretakers, pixies or pirates. We are humbled and truly thankful. RSC comes together thanks to everyone of you, it is not just me or Mckenzie, it is all of you who make RSC what it really is.

This year nearly 300 of you prepare to embark on a new adventure with us. It is our hope that every single one of you shares in our vision. That for the nine days which we spend together we are but one entity, one family, brothers and sisters looking out for one another and sharing friendship and love that only family can offer. For nine days you will forget any differences you may have with one another and remember that we are all equals. That you will embrace and keep in your hearts the many memories you will create and share with one another. We can’t wait to see you this July 23rd. Thank you all for being part of our family.

Kenzie & Landon.