Friday, April 22, 2016

Coming This Summer!

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the return of Richmond Survival Camp this summer 2016.

As always we are giving you just a peek with the reveal of this year's poster. I know there is a lot of speculations out there as to what the theme will be but in keeping with tradition we are keeping our lips sealed until further down the line!. So you will just have to wait until we release the video which will be after the very talented writer Nick Tamboia finishes writing the story for us.

For now please stay up to date on our official Facebook page recently renamed Richmond Survival Camp.

We have also made a Flickr Group where you can share all your special moments from this camp and past ones. Here.

Our inworld information group can be found by copy and pasting secondlife:///app/group/9460a800-7edb-7637-4fc5-03400f724c17/about in your local chat within SL.

Finally there is also a forum section on this blog site where you can freely discuss and ask questions regarding camp!

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know!