Friday, April 22, 2016

Volunteer Applications Are Now Live!

Because our aim is to make camp bigger and better every year we have made a few changes. Kenzie and Landon are only two people and sometimes too shy to ask for help, even losing sleep a few nights weeks before camp putting it all together. Truth is we take on more than we can chew. This year we want to allow people to help us make camp great in fields we have fallen short of our expectations.

There are now 5 volunteer opportunities so rather than link them all please browse to this blog site to the the menu "Volunteers" and browse to the different areas where we would love help.

Please help us spread the word and lets make 2016 camp better than the last.

Thank you all in advance,
Mckenzieky Resident & Landon Edenbaum


  1. i can help with setting up if yuh need anyone :D

  2. I can help with Caregiver and or Fae/Pixie my sl name is Willow Weimes

  3. Thank you! Please feel free to fill out a volunteer form by browsing to the Volunteer tab and selecting the one you want. You can volunteer for one or more roles.