Thursday, June 30, 2016

Camp Cabins & Other Stuff

I have been asked some questions a few times over the last several days. So I thought it would be best to answer them on a lengthy post and offer more detail. 

1. Will there be cabins assigned at camp?
No. RSC is unique and aside from getting to meet new and old friends, sharing a week of memories together RSC is nothing like a traditional summer camp. There are no cabins, no teams (except this year there will be a slight change depending on your age). The word survival in our name implies that our goal is to survive. Think of it like the show "Lost", we are unexpectedly dropped in a deserted island unknown to us. The only belongings we have with us is whatever we were wearing. We must find food, shelter and tools with what we can find in the environment surrounding us. There is always the possibility of finding creatures, enemies or just things who want to hurt you or kill you. You must stay safe and fight to stay alive. 

2. But why no cabins? Cabins are important aspect of every camp.
We are not like every camp. There are plenty of summer camps throughout the camp season in SL where you can partake in the traditional summer camp feel. RSC is a story based experience. No other way to put it. 

3. Why did you decide not to do a traditional summer camp along with assigned cabins and teams. We really want cabin wars!
From day one 3 years ago when RSC was just an idea in our head, we wanted to do something that would cut the barriers between boys and girls, creators and noncreators, humans, elves and furries. We wanted to create something where everyone felt the same as the next person, completely gender neutral and where everyone worked with one goal in mind on the same team. We did not want cabins because we did not want to create small cliques fighting against one another. The idea then was that if our own livelihood depended on the people around us working all as one team then everyone would forget at least for one week of all our differences and work together. We found that this simply worked and everyone felt comfortable and at home so this has been our stance on the matter since. This particular year will be most like our first year where people will have their own little shelter which you can share with friends however we will all still be stuck together in the same vicinity not far from each other. 

4. Then there are no events like you would have on other camps?
Yes there will be. In fact about 70% of the time will be occupied with OOC events run by the many great counselors that have volunteered their time to plan and do something fun with you. So there will still be some of that "traditional" summer camp feel. 

5. Will you have a camp shop for creators?
This is something Mckenzie and myself will have to really think about and discuss. In the past we have allowed creators to place freebies and gifts at the campsite. As RSC is a completely free camp to attend we did not want to make any kids feel like they had to spend any money at all to attend. However we do understand that there is a huge missed opportunity there that would help get RSC out there known to other kids who've never heard of it. So if this is something a lot of you, not just one or two of you are interested in then let us know and we will really consider it within the next few days. 

Of course those are only some questions and we know you all have many more. There will still be an Orientation Q&A session on Saturday July 9th at 12pm and 5pm SLT where you can ask all the questions you have.

Thank you all,
Kenzie & Landon.

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  1. I loved the last 2 summers, It Really makes all of us work and play together, I made friends I would have never met had we just been placed in groups. and everyone learnt to look out for everyone because we all were friends trying to surrive.