Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Logo Contest


**Send entries to Landon Edenbaum or McKenzieky Resident inworld, or post them on our Facebook page****

Since we have now changed our name and our old Richmond Elementary School flag will be retired and no longer be flying at camp we would like a new camp logo that represents us. Therefore we are having a contest. From now until May 31st you can create and submit a logo by uploading here on our Facebook page. The winner will be announced on June 17th and will receive 4,000L and your design will become our new official logo.

To enter just upload your picture on the comments below. McKenzieky Resident and Landon Edenbaum will be judging.
Things to keep in mind:

1. It must be PG
2. It must represent our values. Perseverance, Respect, Freedom, Unity and Family
3. It must in one way or another incorporate elements from the old school logo (you can easily find it by browsing through our page photos) Whether it is just the crest, colors or just the ribbon.
Please spread the word and hope to see a lot of awesome designs! <3
Landon & Kenzie


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